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A personal injury claim happens when a person (the plaintiff) who has been hurt—whether physically, emotionally, or in their mind—starts a legal case against someone else, which could be another person, a business, or an organisation (the defendant). This usually comes from different situations like car crashes, accidents at work, falling accidents, medical mistakes, and more. The goal of the claim is to get money to cover the costs and losses that happened because of the injury.

What are the different types of Personal Injury Claims?

Personal injury claims primarily fall into four broad categories: Road Accidents, Work Accidents, Public Place Accidents, and Superannuation Claims. Within each of these major categories, there are numerous sub-categories, resulting in hundreds of distinct types of personal injury claims.

Given the broad nature and different types of personal injury claims, it’s important you engage expert personal injury lawyers in Queensland. That’s where Best comes in.

It’s generally recommended to have a personal injury claim lawyer, even if it’s technically possible to file your claim without one. The legal system is complex and extensive expertise is needed to negotiate with insurance companies and other parties effectively.

Working with a claims lawyer helps ensure you understand your rights. They can also guide you through the legal process, know what evidence you need and how to gather it, and represent your interests so you get the compensation you deserve.

The phrase “no win no fee” describes a payment agreement between a lawyer and a client where the lawyer is only paid if the client’s case wins. Meaning, the lawyer earns a fee only if they secure a victory or settlement in the case.

If the case is unsuccessful, the lawyer charges no fee for their work. However, it’s essential to note that the client might still be accountable for certain costs, such as court fees or payments to expert witnesses, and these should be specified in the agreement. At Best, if your case is not successful, we will cover the cost of your disbursements, such as court fees and witness fees, so you aren’t left out of pocket

The timeline for resolving a personal injury claim can vary widely based on the injury specifics, the case’s complexity, and if the claim faces any disputes. Resolving a claim might take a period ranging from a couple of months to numerous years. Straightforward claims, particularly where fault is evident, may be settled in a relatively short time, whereas lengthier durations are often associated with more intricate cases or those involving grave injuries or disagreements regarding liability.

Different personal injury claims have different time limits.

For example, if you get hurt at work, it’s good to send your claim to WorkCover within 20 business days after you get hurt to make sure you get back pay and all your benefits.

Also, if you have a car accident with a vehicle that’s not insured or a car you can’t identify, you should start your claim within 9 months of the accident.

There are many other time limits for different types of claims, so it’s important to talk to us about the time limits for personal injury claims in Queensland.

In general, personal injury claims have a 3-year limit. But it’s always best to check as soon as you can to make sure you don’t miss out on anything you deserve.

The specific compensation amount for your personal injury claim in Queensland is determined by several factors like how severe your injuries are, medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, negligence, and insurance details.

It also depends on the type of claim you have. Different thresholds and limits apply to different types of claims.

Answering this can be tricky.

Your age, job, how bad your injuries are, needed treatment, and any care needs you have will determine the answer. Since everyone is different, every case is different too.

The main goal of a compensation claim is to try and get you back to where you were before you got hurt. On top of this, you can also claim for non-money losses like pain and suffering, recognising the tough situation the injury might have put you in.

In general terms, compensation for personal injury claims is calculated under a number of “heads of damage”– which we discuss below.

These include:

  • General damages – for pain and suffering;
  • Special damages;
  • Past and future loss of wages;
  • Loss of superannuation;
  • Gratuitous care;
  • Legal costs.

It’s important to know that not all heads of damage are available at the time of a claim and the heads of damage can be calculated differently depending on the type of claim you have (for example, workers compensation vs public liability). That’s why it’s important to obtain advice about your individual claim so you know what you’re entitled to.

In addition to claiming damages, you might also be able to make a claim through your superannuation fund for total and permanent disability (TPD). To find out more about Super claims click here. Best Injury Lawyers specialise in personal injury compensation and TPD claims. Our role at the time of a claim is to ensure that you get the maximum possible settlement available.

Find out more about what you can claim here.

We know it can be overwhelming to know which firm to trust with your road accident claim, there’s a lot of us out there! We also know it can sound a little biased when we tell you to choose Best.

There are a few reasons we think you should choose Best as your Personal Injury Claim lawyers:

  1. We hire the Best people: our team aren’t only some of the sharpest legal minds in Queensland (no really, we win awards for it) but they’re also genuinely good people, who care about their clients. When we say we hire the Best, we mean we hire people who care about every case and every client, people you’d want fighting for you that you’d also happily catch up over a cuppa with.
  2. We will never leave you out of pocket: how so?
    • No Win, No Fee. Forever. You will only be charged if we win your case, so you can rest easy that we will be doing everything we can to put you in a better place than when you started your claim with us.
    • 30% fee cap. Some firms take around 50% of your compensation claim, we cap at 30% +GST to cover our fees (so even if our fees are more than that, we won’t charge you for it).
    • We cover out-of-pocket expenses. There are necessary expenses that must be incurred to successfully run your claim, because we want you to focus on your recovery and not the cost of your case. We will cover the cost for outlays needed to run your case, and you will only be expected to pay for these if your case is successful (these will be added as a part of your compensation claim, for the insurer to pay for).
  3. We take on cases other firms won’t, and we win them: we have a history of taking on claims other firms won’t, because we’re not afraid of hard work and because we know the difference a successful claim will make to you and your life.

Would you like to learn more about why you should choose Best? You can read more about our firm and our promises to you here.

What is our
No Win, No Fee, Forever

We know that No Win, No Fee sounds great – but what does this actually mean for you and your case?

Our No Win, No Fee, Forever Promise means that if we don’t win your case we won’t charge you anything. While it’s pretty unlikely that we won’t achieve your Best outcome (we have a 99% success rate), this extra guarantee ensures you can feel 100% protected in starting any case with us.

At Best, you are our focus – we want you to be able to place your trust in us without any risk.

What accidents can Best help with?

The Best team are experts in all types of personal injury claims and are standing by to review your case for free. Find out more about the types of personal injury claims we can help you with:

What makes us the Best?

We know it’s a big claim, and you’re probably wondering what actually makes us the Best. Well, these are some of the Best reasons we can claim we’re the Best:

6 Awards

as a Leading Injury Law Firm

As a firm, we’re not really that focused on winning awards – we’re much more focused on the compensation we win for our clients.

However, it is nice to be recognised by the Doyle’s Guide as a Leading Compensation Law firm for Work Injury, Public Liability and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims – especially since we’re a smaller, boutique firm, not one of the big guys!


Win Rate across all claim types

We know this sounds high, but we’ve done the math, and it’s accurate! How can this be so high? Simple, we investigate every single case we take on, to ensure we know we can win.

This doesn’t mean we just take ‘easy cases’, in fact we’re known for taking on cases other firms won’t – we just work harder and look at every possible angle.

5 Star

Client Satisfaction Rate

We put a lot of stock in what our clients think of us and of their experience working with us. At the end of every case we ask for feedback – what we did well and what we can do better.

Something about the way we work is clearly working, because we have a resounding 5 Star Satisfaction Rate from our clients – and a lot of wonderful feedback about their cases with us.

Why Choose Best Injury Lawyers?

If we were you, we’d want to know more about our firm – how we make a difference to our clients and how we’d approach your case.

Our Promises

When you choose the Best Injury Law team, we take this trust seriously – we know it’s a big decision and the outcome really matters,

We make you promises about how we’ll handle your case, what it’s like to work with us and what you can expect.

Our Team

We know it’s not just the way we approach your case that’s important, it’s the people behind the Best firm that make the difference.

We only hire the Best – not just expert lawyers, but the Best people who genuinely care about your case and your Best outcome.

Our Story

Why does Best Injury Law exist? Where did we come from and why did we start yet another Queensland Personal Injury firm?

We were tired of the way the ‘big guys’ treated their clients, and we wanted to do things differently. That’s how Best was born.

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