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A compensation claim can feel risky – but with Best you’ll always know you’re in safe hands.

With our No Win, No Fee Promise, covered out-of-pocket fees & industry leading Fee Cap, your financial wellbeing always comes first.

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    What does No Win, No Fee, Forever actually mean? How is Best’s guarantee different?

    We know that No Win, No Fee compensation lawyers sound great – but what does this actually mean for you and your case?

    Our No Win, No Fee, Forever Promise means that if we don’t win your case we won’t charge you anything. While it’s pretty unlikely that we won’t achieve your Best outcome (we have a 99% success rate), this extra guarantee ensures you can feel 100% protected in starting any case with us.

    At Best, you are our focus – we want you to be able to place your trust in us without any risk.

    What are fee caps and how does Bests 30% cap impact my outcome?

    Unfortunately, the industry standard and limitation on fees is at a whopping 50% – this can see you missing out on a sizeable chunk of your compensation result! 

    While this does ensure that fees are limited past this point, we still think that percentage is way too high so we have capped ours at 30%, to ensure that even if our work far exceeds this amount, you will always get the most in your pocket.

    At Best we understand that while this is one case in many for any other firm, it’s one in a lifetime for you – so we treat it like one in a lifetime for us as well. This result will mean everything to you, and we want you to see the maximum amount of it!



    Our Zero Uplift Fee Guarantee is what really matters!

    Unfortunately, many firms use uplift fees to ensure they can charge the full % outlined by their fee cap (or as close as possible to it). For example, if your legal fees were $20,000, a 25% ‘uplift fee’ could legally be applied to charge you an additional $5,000 in fees. For nothing. It is simply a fee for taking on your case. And what’s worse, some firms charge more than 25% for their uplift fee – which is just not fair.

    At Best we have a zero uplift fee guarantee, which means you can rest easy throughout the claims process and know that you will always get the maximum amount possible in your pocket.

    This is why Best exists – to ensure your result actually matters to you, and we know it only counts once it’s in your pocket!

    How easy is it to get your personal injury claim underway with Best?

    We want to ensure it’s as easy as possible for you to get your personal injury claim started, so that you can focus on treatment and recovery. So what can you expect from us, should you start the process today?


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