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What do you need to know about Superannuation Claims for accidents or injuries?

We know that any accident, injury or illness is distressing, but doubly so if you are left unable to work and without income.

Thankfully, most superannuation policies include insurance for TTD or TPD Claims. 

So, if  you have had an accident, injury or illness that has resulted in a total temporary disability (TTD) or total permanent disability (TPD), you may be able to claim compensation via your Superannuation Insurance.

The Best team is standing by for a free, confidential conversation about your accident, superannuation policy and type of claim you may be eligible for. 

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What other questions do you have about making a TTD or TPD Claim through Superannuation?

In the context of superannuation claims in Queensland, TTD (Total and Temporary Disablement) and TPD (Total and Permanent Disablement) are two distinct types of insurance benefits that people may be eligible for due to injury or illness.

Here’s an explanation of the key differences between TTD and TPD:

Nature of Disability:

TTD benefits are provided when a person becomes totally and temporarily disabled due to an injury or illness. This means that the person is unable to work for a temporary period but is expected to recover and return to work once their condition improves.

TPD benefits, on the other hand, are granted when the person is unable to work in their regular occupation, and it is unlikely that they will ever be able to work in any occupation for which they are reasonably qualified by education, training, or experience. TPD benefits are typically for permanent disabilities.


Duration of Benefits:

TTD benefits are usually provided for a limited period during which the person is unable to work due to their temporary disability. Once the individual recovers and can resume work, the TTD benefits cease.

TPD benefits are intended to provide financial support for individuals who are permanently disabled and cannot return to work. These benefits are typically paid out in a lump sum and are not limited by a specific timeframe.


Benefit Amount:

TTD benefits are usually calculated based on a percentage of the person’s pre-disability income and are intended to provide financial support during the period of temporary disability.

TPD benefits are usually paid as a lump sum, and the amount may vary depending on the policy terms, the severity of the disability, and other factors outlined in the policy.

It’s essential for people to review their superannuation insurance policies carefully to understand the specific terms and conditions regarding TTD and TPD benefits.

A TPD claim is made through your superannuation policy. It provides you with benefits that are paid in one lump sum.

Your TPD policy might cover you for:

  • Being unlikely to be able to return to work in your occupation; or
  • Being unlikely to be able to return to work in any occupation.

To be successful, you need to provide proof of your injury or illness that shows you meet the criteria outlined in your TPD policy. If the insurance claims officer appointed to your claim deems you do not meet the criteria, your claim will be rejected.

At Best Injury Lawyers, we specialise in TPD claims and we have a network of hand-picked medico-legal specialists who work with us to build successful cases.

To make sure you have the best chance of success in your TPD claim, it makes sense to get legal advice as soon as possible, before you make a claim. You can call us and speak to one of our senior TPD claim lawyers to get a free case review.

Yes, there are time limits associated with Superannuation Claims in Queensland. These time limits are crucial for people seeking to make a claim related to their superannuation benefits, including Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) and Total and Temporary Disablement (TTD) claims. The specific time limits and deadlines may vary depending on the circumstances and the type of claim.

Typically, policyholders should notify their superannuation fund or insurer promptly after becoming aware of a condition that may lead to a TPD claim.
Many superannuation funds and insurance policies have specific timeframes within which a TPD claim must be lodged. These timeframes can range from a few months to a couple of years from the date of disability or injury.

As a matter of caution, we recommend that in order to protect your entitlements, if it becomes necessary, to commence court proceedings within 6 years from the date you ceased work because of your illness or injury.

In our experience, the biggest factor that impacts whether your TPD claim is successful and how much compensation you receive for your injury or illness, is how well your lawyers get to know you.

Many of our clients are able to make more than one successful claim. For example, you might have more than one TPD claim if you have multiple superannuation funds and it might be possible to also make a claim for workers compensation or for damages for public liability or some other form of compensation.

Our lawyers will take the time to find out more about the parts of your life that matter. This includes your family, your work history and your health issues. We want to make sure you claim everything you’re entitled to.

This depends on how much each insurance policy is for. But it is important to explore all of your options and some of our clients have multiple policies and payouts that they didn’t even know they were entitled to.

Superannuation, TPD and TTD claims usually take between six to eighteen months for a decision to be reached. In assessing your claim the Fund may request additional information from your employer and doctors (and others). Depending on how long it takes to obtain the information sought, will impact how long it takes to assess your claim.

We know it can be overwhelming to know which firm to trust with your road accident claim, there’s a lot of us out there! We also know it can sound a little biased when we tell you to choose Best.

There are a few reasons we think you should choose Best as your road accident lawyers:

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    • 30% fee cap. Some firms take around 50% of your compensation claim, we cap at 30% +GST to cover our fees (so even if our fees are more than that, we won’t charge you for it).
    • We cover out-of-pocket expenses. There are necessary expenses that must be incurred to successfully run your claim, because we want you to focus on your recovery and not the cost of your case. We will cover the cost for outlays needed to run your case, and you will only be expected to pay for these if your case is successful (these will be added as a part of your compensation claim, for the insurer to pay for).
  3. We take on cases other firms won’t, and we win them: we have a history of taking on claims other firms won’t, because we’re not afraid of hard work and because we know the difference a successful claim will make to you and your life.

Would you like to learn more about why you should choose Best? You can read more about our firm and our promises to you here.

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