The Best Guide to Work Accident Claims

The Best team has put together a guide to help you understand WorkCover and Workers Compensation Claims, FAQs and how to get your maximum compensation.

Important information to help you get the most out of your Work Accident Claim.

What are the time limits?

You have 6 months from date of accident or 20 business days from the date you are assessed by a doctor who links your injury to a workplace accident, to make a statutory workers compensation claim.

How long does a Work Accident Claim take?

It can take anywhere from a few months to several years to settle a Work Accident Claim. Working with a law firm like Best can help speed this up.

How much compensation will I get?

This will depend on a wide range of factors, mostly linked to the severity of your injuries and impact on your ability to work and related income.

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    What do you need to know about the Work Accident Claims process in Queensland?

    At Best we know that when you experience an accident at work, you are often left overwhelmed – facing time off work, recovery and financial worries. That’s where Best comes in.

    At Best Injury Lawyers, our team are experts in work accident claims, for accidents that occur in any type of workplace in Queensland. Whether your accident occurred in an office, on a worksite, in the mines or on the way to work, the Best team can help

    Our work injury lawyers can walk you through all the essential details, such as time limits for filing your claim, the expected timelines for the case, the types of compensation you can pursue, and ensure you truly understand every option you have.

    Trust in the Best Work Accident Claim lawyers to stand by your side, fighting tirelessly to ensure you receive your Best possible result.

    Common Law vs Statutory Claims

    What is the difference between a statutory claim and a common law claim?

    A statutory WorkCover claim is there to protect Queensland workers and provide support during recovery and return to work. If you were injured during the course of employment in Queensland and employment was a significant contributing factor, you are entitled to make a statutory WorkCover claim. Statutory WorkCover claims are ‘no fault’ meaning you don’t have to prove your employer was negligent.

    A Common Law WorkCover claim is a legal process available to workers injured in Queensland, where the worker can prove the employer or another party was negligent and caused their injuries. A successful Common Law WorkCover Claim results in the payment of damages. WorkCover will engage lawyers to represent them, so you should too.


    What should I do if I receive a statutory lump sum offer?

    You should contact a lawyer immediately to discuss your options. If you accept the statutory lump offer, you will terminate all rights to pursue a common law claim and this decision is irrevocable.

    What did Arch have to say about working with Best?

    I would highly recommend Ryan and his team to represent you, should you require his services. Ryan and his team are professional, will tell you what you need to know and keep you informed every step of the way. They are a pleasure to deal with and take all the stress out of your claim for you.

    Work Accident FAQs

    If you’ve suffered an injury or illness related to your job, you’re likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in Queensland. Best Injury Lawyers can evaluate your case to determine your eligibility and guide you through the process.

    An employer cannot legally terminate you solely due to your workers’ compensation claim. If you’re unfairly dismissed while on workers’ comp, it’s essential to consult with Best Injury Lawyers to protect your rights.

    The types of damages you can recover include:

    • General damages – for pain and suffering;
    • Past and future loss of wages;
    • Loss of superannuation;
    • Past and future medical expenses.
    • Other past and future out of pocket expenses.
    • The cost of past and future care; and
    • Legal costs.

    How can Best help you get started?


    We review your
    case for free

    You can talk directly with our team today to understand if you have a claim. We’ll give you honest, free advice about the Best path forward.


    Our Principal
    reviews your case.

    Ryan will sit with your team, review your case and ensure they have the Best plan, focused on your Best result.


    We cover your
    out of pocket costs.

    We ensure all the out of pocket costs required to run your claim are covered, so you can focus on your recovery while we focus on your case


    We bring our Best
    while you rest.

    Our team goes to work on your case, exploring every avenue for compensation.

    Why should you trust Best with your personal injury claim?

    It’s a big decision, and we know that we have to continue to earn your trust and turn up for you, however long it takes.

    To ensure you feel 100% comfortable with your decision to trust Best, we make these promises to you:

    We will always
    bring our Best.

    We know it matters, so we promise to bring our best to every case, for every client. This is from the team working on your case through to the energy we bring to work, every day.

    We won’t
    back down.

    We aren’t afraid of a challenge.

    We fight hard for every client, and we take on the tough cases that other firms won’t.

    We look at things

    Our team is made up of diverse and different people, who bring a 360º view to everything we do.

    We know this means we can get better results and make you feel at home, whoever you are.

    We will always act
    with integrity.

    We know that how we act matters, whether you’re in the room or not.

    We promise that our team will act with honesty and integrity in everything we do – including being open and honest with you about your case.

    We will communicate
    with you.

    We will talk to you, not at you.

    We communicate clearly and often, and we will spend the time to talk through every question or concern you have.

    We give
    a damn.

    We promise to see you and your case as the individual circumstance that it is. We’re here for you, every step of the way.

    We know it’s a tough time and that your result truly matters, so we put you at the centre of the case and our firm.

    How do you get our Best?

    These are our promises to you, every case, every client.

    Free Case Review,
    by our Principal

    We put our Best on your case from day one, and we take on cases others won’t – because we really are the Best.

    No Win, No Fee.

    If we can’t win your case, you owe us nothing. We never let you walk away in a worse position.

    30% +GST
    Fee Cap

    Because your Best outcome only matters if it’s in your pocket and goes towards your Best life.

    Your Case,
    Our Best

    We hire the Best industry professionals and place senior lawyers on all cases, so you get your Best result.

    Download the Best Guide to Work Accident Claims

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      We hope you find our guide helpful!

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